the Chambourcin Pack

Enjoy this pack of three different wine styles with our Chamboricin grape variety, grown right here on top of Tamborine Mountain at Cedar Creek Estate. Discover the balance of coral pink “In The Pink Rosè”, uncover the revealing taste of our signature wine Revelation Red and indulge in the pearly sweetness of “Seduction”, our own approach to sweet wine. Save $31 each pack of 12 bottles.

The Overall Pack

Enjoy a sample of our favourite Cedar Creek Estate wines- from our crowd pleaser Revelation Red to our famous Cedar Crème, there’s something for everyone! Featuring a mix of reds, whites and fortifieds.

The Red Pack

Enjoy the deep, rich tones of red wines with our selection of our favourite reds, featuring Estate wines and a signature port to round off the tasting. From our Shiraz with a hint of spice or our soft Revelation Red, enjoy our reds today!