Garden & Hinterland Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding at Cedar Creek Estate

Garden or hinterland weddings are simply dreamy. There’s something lovely and grounding about being enveloped by nature with your family and friends and yet not being too deep into the wild.

Outdoor wedding venues are quite romantic, and it’s impossible to stop daydreaming about the wedding until the day itself. But as enjoyable as garden weddings are, they can be tricky to pull off. Luckily, we’ve had hundreds of them at Cedar Creek Estate. If you really want a successful wedding outdoors, consider these tips for planning a garden or hinterland wedding.

Choose your wedding date wisely

For outdoor weddings to work out well, it’s important to pick a day with great weather. Of course, this can be beyond your control. You may want to consider the spring (September to November) or autumn (March to May). These seasons are the most popular for outdoor weddings because the weather is just right — not too hot and not too cold. Spring, in particular, is the peak wedding season because most flower varieties bloom during this time. A wider selection of fruits and vegetables are available in the spring, which will give you more reception food choices.

But since these seasons are the top choices for weddings, you will have to make your bookings much earlier in advance. This way, you’ll still get the services of the wedding venue and vendors you like.

Prepare for the weather

Whichever season you choose for your wedding, you still need to prepare for whatever the weather has to offer. If the day turns out to be a sunny one, then you need to be ready to help the guests cool down: Prepare cold bottles of water to be handed out. Large electric fans will also come in handy if the day is very warm. It will also help to find a shaded garden spot where you can orient the actual ceremony. This should protect everyone from direct sunlight.

If you choose March for your wedding month, then you should also prepare a backup plan in case of rain: It’s a good idea to have an indoor alternative during this season. You can also opt to have the ceremony outside in the garden and the reception indoors so you’ll be ready in any case. If your budget won’t permit this arrangement, then having a large and sturdy tent at the ready will be your best alternative solution.

Lastly, prepare for weather that is a bit colder than you expected. An extra layer of clothing should protect you and your partner from the cold wind. Lap blankets will surely be appreciated by the wedding guests. And should you need more help warming up, portable heaters need to be ready at the venue.

Wedding tips for outdoor weddings

Reconsider your decorations

One of the great things about the garden and hinterland wedding venues is that they don’t need as many decorations. Still, you’d want to add some decorative elements here and there to make the garden look its best for the occasion.

First, find out which flowers will be blooming in time for your wedding. There should be enough of a choice to beautify the whole venue — avoid sparse spots because they simply don’t look great in photos. If in a week prior to the wedding you see that the flowers aren’t sufficient, then buy some additional potted flowers. You can also ask the coordinator at your venue about how to best arrange these additions.

Putting up a string of lights, lanterns, and luminaria is also a great idea for a garden and hinterland wedding. These will not only make the venue cozier and more romantic; the lights will also brighten up the garden once the sun goes down.

Other decorations that you should consider include a flower arch to mark the spot where you’ll be saying the “I do’s”, a rustic backdrop to add more beauty to photos, and wine barrels or tree stumps with flowers as aisle decorations.

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Get the right sound equipment

An outdoor wedding will need good sound equipment. Unlike an indoor venue where the sound is contained within the walls, a garden or outdoor area has a wider and more open space that will disperse the sound. Also taking into account the natural noise from the environment, it might be difficult for everyone to hear what the wedding celebrant is saying.

This brings us back to the right sound equipment. You need to prepare wireless clip-on microphones for yourself, your partner, and the marriage celebrant. Hook them up to speakers/amplifiers so all the guests will hear the ceremony loud and clear. If the party is going to be held outdoors as well, you will need a louder sound system for the music. Ask the venue coordinator if they will provide such equipment. If not, find a wedding entertainer like a band or a DJ that has what you need.

Food and drinks

A garden or hinterland wedding can also mean an outdoor reception, although you have the option to hold it indoors. If you choose to have the meal outside, then make sure that the caterer has a menu of food that keeps well in the outdoors.

In term of drinks, consider a variety that will keep your guests cool on a warm day. Prepare cold water, lemonade, and fruit juices. Make sure to have loads of ice as well. But if your wedding day is on the cooler side, alcoholic punches might help the guests warm up.

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Be ready for the bugs and mosquitoes

The outdoors not only has beautiful plants and flowers, but it’s also the home of bugs and mosquitos. It’s one of the very few downsides of a garden or hinterland wedding. Though not invited, they may attend the celebration whether you like it or not.

But you can keep them away by taking some precautions, like preparing citronella candles, tiki torches, and bug zappers. Flowers such as marigolds and lavender repel mosquitos, so including them in the decorations will help greatly. Most outdoor venues will likely have thought of this already.

Find the Best Outdoor Wedding Venue

The most important consideration when planning for a garden and hinterland wedding is the venue. Take your time to find the perfect garden wedding venue that fits your dream wedding. Not only should the place be gorgeous and charming, but it should also provide you with most requirements of a garden and hinterland wedding. With that, Cedar Creek Estate should be your best option.

Perched on Mount Tamborine overlooking a vineyard and lake, we have two beautiful garden locations to host your wedding. We provide complimentary use of a sound system, table decorations, and an experienced wedding coordinator to help you in planning for your special day.

If you’re ready to plan for your garden and hinterland wedding in Brisbane, then call us at Cedar Creek Estate on (07) 5545 1666 or send an enquiry online, and we’ll help make your dream garden wedding come true.