How To Theme Your Wedding Venue

There’s a whole list of things to do when preparing for your wedding: one of them is choosing a theme for the venue.

Before you even look at any decorative items, you must first decide if you want to follow a theme.

If the answer is “yes”, then you need to define that theme before you do anything else.

We understand that it all sounds like a lot of work, but this will be your guide when you’re planning the wedding and purchasing your decorations.

Bride and groom during hinterland wedding ceremony

How To Find A Wedding Theme

Here’s a simple step-by-step list that you can follow over a cup of coffee with your fiancé and discover a wonderful wedding theme.

Take advantage of the venue

The wedding venue itself may inspire you to find the right theme. If your wedding will be on the beachside, why not have an adventurous surfer theme or perhaps, a classic nautical theme?

For hinterland and garden weddings, a rustic theme is an easy choice because you are closer to nature.

You can also opt for a romantic theme by placing more flowers and floral designs in the venue. With additions of delicate lightings and soft hues, you’ll have a nice romantic garden wedding in no time.

Look at the venue’s colours

You can also theme your wedding venue by observing its colours. Write down the existing colours and determine which ones you can work with. You can choose a theme that can either blend or contrast with these existing colours.

A good example is having a whimsical theme if your wedding venue is a function room with coloured walls, carpet, and furniture. You can complement this by adding elements with bright colours; like balloons, streamers, and flower arrangements.

By taking the venue’s colours into account, you’ll have an easier time finding a theme for it.

Use the venue’s existing features

Most venues have features that’ll help determine the right theme unless it’s a room with barren white walls and ceiling.

Find the features of your chosen venue and build from it. Ask yourself:

  • Does your venue have old wooden furniture?
  • Maybe there’s a large grandfather clock or a classical piano?
  • Can you add some kind of significant feature that you can leverage a theme?

Meanwhile, a wedding reception in a hotel ballroom with bright and stunning chandeliers will work with a modern theme. The decorations will include elements with geometric shapes, bold colours, and sleek designs.

A modern theme is also minimalist, so you don’t have to put up many decorations.

No theme is an option

Theming your wedding venue is entirely your prerogative, but it is important to remember that a theme is not a requirement.

In fact, having no theme at all can be a good option.

Most wedding venues already look beautiful by themselves. The blue water, the fine white sand, and natural surrounds are surely good enough to get going for a beach wedding.

The greeneries and the mountain view in a hinterland venue will definitely look great on photos as well. Sometimes, the location itself (which you’ve put plenty of thought into already) is all of the “theme” that you need.

If you really want to decorate your wedding venue, personalising it is better than strictly following a theme.

For example, if you are both book worms you could frame your favourite excerpts and use them as centrepieces.

If you have you travelled a lot while dating you could display your souvenirs and write down your best travel stories.

Personalisation will not only save you money but will also help to bring your guests a little closer to the life of you and your partner.

Have a hinterland wedding at Cedar Creek Estate

These tips will help you decide on a theme (or no theme) for your wedding.

Whatever your decision is, just remember that the most important thing is to find a venue that holds significance for you as a couple.

If you decide to have a rustic or romantic theme for your wedding, then there’s no better garden wedding venue than Cedar Creek Estate.

With three amazing locations at Mount Tamborine, we can provide you with the perfect hinterland or garden setting that you can customise with a number of different themes or motifs.

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