Planning A Destination Wedding

Tamborine Mountain in the Gold Coast hinterlands is arguably one of Queensland’s most naturally stunning locations. The region’s many fine wineries and eateries combined with breathtaking views make this an excellent spot for a wedding ceremony. Being perfectly situated between Gold Coast and Brisbane and close enough to airports to be convenient for interstate travellers, is just icing on the cake.

In this blog post, we guide you through the steps to planning a once-in-a-lifetime destination wedding on Tamborine Mountain.

Why Have a Destination Wedding?

A lot of people are put off by the idea of a destination wedding due to the planning aspect – which we will tell you, doesn’t even have to be that bad. The fact is, with a lot of wedding planners and coordinators specialising in destination weddings, you are best off planning your destination wedding with help of a professional. It may even end up being easier to plan than a non-destination wedding.

Another common turn-off for people is the perceived high price of a destination wedding. However, what people fail to realise is that a destination wedding is so much more than just the wedding day – it’s a wedding reception, ceremony,  a holiday and the beginning of a honeymoon all in one package. This way the price tag suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. Also, destination wedding naturally culls your guestlist, so you don’t have to!

Couple kissing at wedding

We’ll now you know WHY you should have a destination wedding, here’s how you plan it:

1. Choose a location

When deciding on your destination, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, you have to make sure it’s safe for all your guests, including children (if invited). Ensure there are no travel warnings, political issues or health concerns in the country or region you’re visiting. Secondly, ensure the majority of your guests can afford to travel there (this is normally where a natural shrinkage in the gust numbers happens otherwise). If you want as many people as possible to be able to attend, staying in the country without bothering with passports etc is the safest bet.

Note: If you have a lot of elderly family members and guests, ensure the travel time to you destination is feasible for them.

2. Hire a professional, local planner to help you

Find a local wedding coordinator who specialises in destination weddings.  When planning a destination wedding, you’re going to need feet on the ground before you arrive to finalise all of the last-minute details so you and your guests can arrive stress-free. A local wedding planner will have the inside scoop on everything from the best vendors (photographers, wineries, florists etc) to creative ideas and what to stay clear of.

3. Visit your venue beforehand

If possible, visit your wedding venue in advance. There is only so much you can make out from a zoom call or virtual tour. While there in person, make sure you measure, time various events and in any other way plan out the day as much as possible. This might include sounds checks, time to travel to and from venues, seating and parking spaces.

4. Plan additional events

It’s becoming increasingly more common to extend the wedding to a Day 2 or even a Day 3 when it’s a destination wedding. Many couples feel like they want to provide their guests with as much value as possible and ‘reward’ them for coming all the way to the chosen destination. Depending on your budget, you can combine these events with your rehearsal dinner or host a more informal gathering, like a BBQ or a wine-tasting tour the day after the big event.

Wine tasting at cedar creek estate

5. Items you need to send in advance and what to pack

Shipping can be expensive, and especially if you’re sending stuff overseas. To keep cost down as much as possible, write a list early on of thing that you will need to bring (that you are not able to access at the destination of the wedding). Then make out what you can bring with you as luggage, and what has to be shipped.

6. Be thorough with Communication

It is important you keep your guests in the loop about details such as things to do in the area, what the itinerary of events will be and the weather so they can pack accordingly. Creating a  wedding website is a popular way of keeping guest informed of any updates, including save the dates and RSVPs.

7. Enjoy the moment

SMILE! Because in the end, what it’s all about is enjoying one of the most special days of your life! So, roll with the punches, don’t take it all too seriously and hug everyone that made the trek to join you on your special day!

If you thinking about having a destination wedding in Queensland, coming for a tour of Cedar Creek Estate is a must! We have a team of expert wedding planners who would love to assist in making your day unique!

Wedding ceremony at Cedar Creek Estate

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