The Winery Pack


Our signature wine is Revelation Red and all our three fortified wines. All vegan-friendly.



Revelation Red × 3

Estate-grown Chambourcin. Soft and full flavoured. Great served chilled 12%

“Another Brew” Chocolate Port

Enjoy something a little different... and who doesn't love chocolate?

Cedar Starboard

Christmas cake in a bottle! A young ruby port, with toffee, cherry and prune aromas 17.5%

JP Selection

A beautifully styled 1997 old premium vintage port 19% 375ml


The winery pack is all about Cedar Creek Estate and Mount Tamborine. Three bottles of our signature fruity-dry red wine (REVELATION RED) and three port styles: ruby (CEDAR STARBOARD), tawny (ANOTHER BREW CHOCOLATE PORT) and two bottles of the spectacular 1997 vintage port (JP SELECTION)