Mother’s Day 2021

Celebrate maternal love and all mother figures ❤️ Join us on this special day and celebrate with us with a delicious two-course lunch. Bookings are now open. Call 07 5545 1666 or write to Lunchtime will start at 11 am max two hours per booking.

covid safe weddings

Covid Safe Weddings in Queensland: What You Can and Cannot Do

The Queensland Government has recently eased the restrictions on wedding ceremonies in the state. But this doesn’t mean that you can or should do as you please during your special day. *There are still some restrictions in place to ensure COVID-safe gatherings, which you must consider when planning for your wedding. To help you, here’s …

How to make wedding invitations

Wedding Invitation Etiquette You Need to Know About

Wedding invitations make for beautiful keepsakes. Though easy in theory, you will quickly realise that crafting (and sending out) the perfect wedding invitation can be a little tricky. There’s a lot more to it than just putting a card in the mail. For starters, there are etiquette rules that you need to navigate. But don’t …

Wedding planning during a pandemic

How to Plan a Wedding During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is still lingering and it continues to affect many people’s lives in different ways. One of the industries that have been hit hard is the wedding industry — venues are closing, vendors and suppliers are going out of business, and couples struggle to re-schedule their weddings. While these business closures are incredibly …

Cedar Creek Estate Wines Ppour

Poured Perfectly – How to Pick the Right Beverage for Your Wedding

The drink at your wedding is an important part of the celebrations. Just like the food, a splendid drink can heighten the bliss and enjoyment of the occasion. It might feel simple enough to know what to pick, after all, you know what you like. But when you factor in the kind of food to …