Wedding trends 2020 – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

If you are getting married in 2020, then have a read through this quick guide for the perfect wedding this year.

We have taken a look at the trends in ceremonies, decorations, food and drinks that are going to be big this year.

Warm colors

Pastels are out. Sweet pastels have been a wedding go-to for years but recently, warm colors have taken over the romantic settings of weddings and receptions. Rust, terracotta, golden yellow, toffee, and the likes look fantastic everywhere — from the white indoor spaces that need warming up to the lush greeneries outdoors.

Oversized Flowers

Flowers are integral to wedding decor and it feels like we have gone through every flower in existence. But this year, flowers are going to be BIG. Literally. Huge flowers in the bridal bouquet, on table centrepieces… there are many ways to incorporate large florals into your wedding day aesthetics. Just one thing to avoid; flowers on the wall. This has been overdone in the past.

Wedding flowers

Personalised Phrases

Personalisation has taken on a whole new level at weddings in recent years. In the past, names on plates, napkins, and invitations were the height of personalisation. Today, catchphrases, lines from romantic poems, or other meaningful words to the couple are etched on the walls of reception halls, souvenirs, invites, and other wedding-related items. A personalised hashtag for Instagram is also a big trend that can be helpful in rounding up everyone’s photos of your big day.

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Upcycled Weddings

Couples who are conscious of the environmental impact of their wedding are opting to recycle certain materials that will be used on the day. Some couples are refashioning old rings to become their wedding bands while brides are looking into refitting old wedding dresses used by other women in the family — both of which are sentimental, eco-friendly, and allows them to save hundreds of dollar.

Zero-waste or Sustainable Weddings

While we are on the subject of environment-friendly weddings, there are couples who are putting effort into pulling off a zero-waste wedding. This could mean upcycled or rented dresses, second-hand rings, minimal decorations, plastic-free packaging for souvenirs, or farm-to-table dinners. There are dozens of ways you can go about a sustainable wedding but the main idea is to make responsible choices throughout.

Micro Weddings

Traditionally, weddings are huge family affairs with almost up to more than a hundred people in attendance. However, with the rising cost of weddings and the advent of overexposure on social media, more and more couples are choosing to have very small weddings. These intimate affairs are held in city halls, vineyards, or small gardens. Often, only the celebrant, the couple, and a handful of friends present at the ceremony. The reception afterwards is lunch or dinner in a smaller restaurant or Cafe’. Some couples choose to celebrate with friends later on with equally small parties at dates that are convenient for everyone.

Two chairs on lawn for wedding


If you use crystals to channel good energy into your life, then magical mysticism might just be the perfect theme for your big day. It’s not all crystals and stones though: mysticism is more about energies and spirituality. It’s important though to adapt the theme to your personal taste as a couple so as to not make the occasion feel contrived. Some ways to integrate mysticism into your wedding is through simple rituals, like passing love stones or sagging, that your guests can participate in.

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Grazing table

Now let’s talk about food! Good weddings have fantastic food. And no, it doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. One budget-friendly way to keep your guests full is by setting up a grazing table. Biscuits, cheeses, crackers, deli meats, and dried fruits on a large table are a feast for the eyes and the belly. If sweets are more of your thing, you can swap the grazing table for a dessert buffet with an abundance of doughnuts, muffins, and other desserts in individual servings.

Grazing table at wedding

Self-serve drinks

Not necessarily a bar (though an open bar with a tender is always a grand idea!), but a table decked with a huge glass dispenser filled with a signature refresher,  or lined up with bottles of alcohol, mixers, and garnishes (so your guests can play mixologist for a night!) will help keep everyone in a dancing mood all night long.

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Weddings at Cedar Creek Estate

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