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To the non-expert, wines can be confusing even outside the context of a wedding reception. But, like any good host, you want to provide your wedding guests with an amazing experience filled with dancing, good food, and of course, delicious wine.

So, how do you go about choosing the right wines for your wedding? Here are some tips:


Wine has the ability to transform a simple meal into something exquisite and celebratory. It elevates the dining experience and makes your wedding guests feel special (and merry!). To ensure the quality of the wine you’ll be serving is up to standard, it’s essential to try the wines yourself. Here’s a guide to wine tasting for beginners.

If you don’t consider yourself knowledgeable when it comes to wine quality and this process makes you nervous, it’s okay to get help! Ask a friend who knows more about wine than you to tag along and you can do the wine tasting together. Or, you can ask your reception venue or wine provider to make recommendations for you.

At Cedar Creek, we’d be happy to help! We have an exceptional range of premium wines made to a superior quality level.

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Before you even start tasting wines to serve at your wedding reception, determine how much of your budget will go to wines. Knowing your limit will help you narrow down your choices. Remember that it’s a good idea to aim for a wine that’s not only good quality but also a crowd-pleaser, and within your budget of course. This is important as you’ll want to keep your guests’ glasses full through the night.

You shouldn’t necessarily shy away from wines that are inexpensive. There are in fact many affordable wines that are splendid for weddings! So, do your research first and try to discover premium quality wines at a good price point. One such option is the Cedar Creek Estate range which has an average price of $26 per bottle.

Cedar Creek Estate wines


One of the things that stump couples when choosing a wine list for the reception is serving a group of people with varying preferences. The solution is quite simple: offer variety!

The suggested ratio is one sparkling, two whites, and two reds. That’s enough choice for your wedding guests– it keeps things simple and there’s sure to be something that everyone will enjoy.

It’s a great idea to offer red and white wine throughout the wedding reception, instead of serving white strictly with the first course and red with the second. It should be about enjoying the experience rather than worrying about the rules. You could always converse with your caterer to see what varietals they’d recommend if you’re concerned.

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There are about five glasses of wine per bottle. It is a much safer option to have too much wine rather than not enough, so allow for five glasses per guest.

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Guestlist and the weather

When choosing your wine list, it’s crucial to determine your headcount. How many of your guests will most likely drink wine? Do you have a guest that is a serious wine lover? Or do you have a guest who would prefer beer instead of wine? Consider the wines and alcoholic drinks that will be served at the bar. Include your table wines and expand it by adding beer and spirits.

It’s also essential to know that people tend to drink more red wine at indoor weddings in the autumn, winter, and spring. So consider a mix of about 50% of red wine for this type of wedding. On hot days, people may prefer to drink white wine. So consider a mix of 30% each of all three styles of wine if you’ll be having a summer wedding. You might also think about serving rosé, especially if you’re serving seafood.

What wine to serve at your wedding?

Wines at Cedar Creek Estate

Imagine holding your wedding ceremony and reception in one of the most naturally stunning locations in Queensland – at Tamborine Mountain. Cedar Creek Estate does not only provide a fantastic wedding venue with scenic views, but you also get to share all of the winery’s excellent wines with the guests at your wedding.

We have a full range of wines to suit any palate. Choosing well-balanced, trustworthy wines that can be matched with various dishes will give you one less headache, and your guests will enjoy their meals even more. We currently feature wines from Queensland wineries predominately located in the Granite Belt and South Burnett Regions, including Ballandean Estate, Clovely Estate Wines, and Golden Grove Estate.

If you need help in planning your wedding, Cedar Creek Estate also offers different wedding packages that come with an extensive array of complementary inclusions from a professional wedding coordinator to a wide selection of table centres & accessories.

Located in between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, call Cedar Creek Estate today at 07 5545 1666 or send an enquiry online and let’s discuss how to create your dream hinterland and winery wedding.