Covid Safe Weddings in Queensland: What You Can and Cannot Do

covid safe weddings

The Queensland Government has recently eased the restrictions on wedding ceremonies in the state. But this doesn’t mean that you can or should do as you please during your special day. *There are still some restrictions in place to ensure COVID-safe gatherings, which you must consider when planning for your wedding.

To help you, here’s a guide on what you can and cannot do during your wedding ceremony.

How many guests you can invite?

Wedding ceremonies in either public or private places in Queensland allow a maximum of 200 people no matter how big or small the venue is. But this is only possible if a COVID Safe Plan is prearranged for the ceremony.

If a COVID Safe Plan is not available, the number of guests who can attend your wedding is limited to 100 people if done publicly in outdoor spaces, while only 50 people including household members are allowed to gather at a private property.

Get all your guests into the groove because dancing both indoors and outdoors have no limits.

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Wedding planning during a pandemic

Bookings and conditions of entry

To make your wedding safe for everyone, early communication with guests regarding bookings and conditions of entry as required by the COVID Safe Plan is very helpful. This is to make sure that the invitation details, seating arrangements, and guest list are strictly followed. Signage that gives directions, safety reminders, and exclusion details at entry points will also be very helpful to ensure safety and harmony during the ceremony.

Unexpected guests on the other hand must complete a contact tracing register to provide the complete name, email address, contact number, and time of attendance.

Meanwhile, guests who must be refused entry include the following persons:

  • Persons who display COVID-19-related symptoms such as fever or coughing
  • Persons who have had a close encounter with a COVID-19 positive
  • Persons who have overseas travel history 14 days prior
  • Persons who have been to a COVID-19 virus hotspot

In this case, a live stream of your wedding ceremony is an excellent means for them to be a part of your momentous celebration.

Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is a strategic way of preventing the spread of Coronavirus. Therefore, it is strongly advised that a record of each guest which includes their name, contact number, residential address, email address, and entry and exit time must be made.

The information will be kept safe for at least 56 days and must be destroyed afterward. If requested, the record of information must be provided to public health officers which will be used solely for investigations related to Covid related cases.

For a faster collection of information, you can opt to use the COVIDSafe app for storing records of attendees.

Table, Seat Distance, and Service

In indoor places, guests at every table must maintain a minimum of 1.5 meters distance at all times. They must remain in their designated seat while service is being provided. Avoid joining or swapping seats with other groups or tables as a requirement for physical distancing. However, guests belonging to the same household do not need to physically distance themselves.

When the reception is held outdoors, guests are permitted to stand, eat, and drink provided that the venue has a COVID Safe Plan in place and observes the physical distance density requirement of 2 square meters. If possible, individually boxed food can also be observed as a substitute for the usual catering.

You should also provide prepared sanitizing bottles on every table as well as sanitizing stations throughout the venue.

Wedding at Cedar Creek Estate


Great after-dinner entertainment at weddings usually happens on the dance floor. When opting for live music, go for a soloist rather than groups as recommended by Health Guidelines. The soloist should also maintain a distance of 3 meters away from the guests while performing.

During photo ops, everyone is required to adhere to the social distancing guidelines except those who belong to the same household. Forget the photo booth entertainment and instead, hire a professional wedding photographer who is aware of current Covid rules and regulations.

wedding at Cedar Creek

COVID-Safe Weddings at Cedar Creek Estate

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*Published on 12/01/21.

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