How to Choose the Right Wedding Reception Package

Wedding table

Next to the ceremony, most of the wedding prep effort goes into planning the reception. After all, it’s where the real celebration begins and you want it to be as enjoyable as possible.

After you’ve picked the perfect venue, the next piece of your big day is choosing the reception package. It sure sounds like an easy enough task …. until you actually have to do it.

To make sure you make the right call, here are some tips to help you choose the right wedding reception package.

Determine the essentials

When looking at any wedding reception package, make sure it covers the basics straight away: food (commonly in buffet style), drinks, wedding cake, wine varieties, table, table covers and decorations, chairs, and sound system.

Aim for a package that serves the total number of your guests at the minimum. Also, look for a package that includes food servers and attendants to assist the guests and take care of the clean-up after the reception.

Packages that serve more guests, include cocktail food and drinks, and have additional courses will cost you more.

Consider an all-inclusive package

While a basic package will pretty much cover all of your reception needs, consider splurging on an upgrade. Nobody will bat an eye at you for wanting to go a little grand. This is your wedding! It is a momentous occasion.

Wedding Entertainment, flowers, venue backdrop and decorations, photo booth, and audio-visual presentations are all fantastic additions to your reception and these are often part of an all-inclusive wedding package, which most reception venues offer. You can even find vendors that bundle the reception with the use of a wedding ceremony venue at their estates in a package. Make sure to ask about these options when touring different reception venues.

Choosing an all-inclusive package will greatly save you the effort of shopping for different vendors, save you money, and make your wedding planning much simpler. 

Go for a customisable offer

The right wedding reception package allows room for some customisation. Most packages are set, but they may contain inclusions that you don’t necessarily need or fit your wedding plans. In which case, it’s much better to find a package that can be tweaked to suit your needs. Many vendors are likely to accommodate your request as long as it’s reasonable and will not incur additional cost on their end.

Some of the things that you can request include changes table arrangement, the decorations, colour of linens and seat covers, the wedding cake, a course in the menu, and the type of drinks.

Think about your budget

This should go without saying but for money-savvy couples, the best wedding reception is the one that you can afford. There are packages out there that feel like everything you’ve dreamed your wedding to be but it comes at the expense of going overboard financially. So, stick to your budget when browsing through different wedding reception packages.

Talk to the venue providers and ask if they can cater to your celebrations based on the amount you can afford. If you fancy a particular package that’s beyond your budget, ask for ways you can cut its price. Perhaps you can bring your own drinks or do your own decorations. Doing so will not only allow you to stay within your means but also give you a chance to put more of a personal touch on the preparations.

Wedding Packages at Cedar Creek Estate

These tips will help you choose the right wedding reception package on your special day. And remember not to get pressured into pleasing everyone when shopping around for a good package, it’s your wedding day after all.

And to make this momentous occasion even more special, why not celebrate it at Cedar Creek Estate, one of Queensland’s most stunning vineyard wedding venues in Tamborine Mountain. The Estate offers an array of wedding packages that come with complimentary inclusions plus add-ons that will suit all budgets and wedding day requirements.

Call Cedar Creek Estate today on (07) 5545 1666 to book a site visit or enquire online about our wedding packages and let us help you create the Gold Coast hinterland wedding of your dreams.