Reasons To Have a Winery or Vineyard Wedding

If you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding, there are several great options you can choose from. You can get married on the beach, in a garden, in the countryside … or in a winery or vineyard.

Unlike other outdoor wedding locations, many soon-to-be-married couples often forget about wineries as a wedding venue option. And they’re missing out! Here are just a few reasons why you should consider a winery or vineyard for your special day.

Spectacular scenery

The grape vines, the great rolling hills, and the lush green gardens — it’s a scene right out of a movie! What could be a better place for you and your partner to exchange your vows? A winery or vineyard also has lots of natural light which is essential to capturing excellent wedding photos.

Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard

Multiple photo locations

Speaking of wedding photos, a winery or vineyard venue can offer you a great number of stunning photo locations. You can have multiple backgrounds, a variety of lighting options, and have photos in different textures. The photographer can also find different effects from the vast vineyard location to add to the photoshoots.

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Relaxed and romantic ambience

Unlike indoor or small garden weddings, which can have a lot going on, a winery wedding is more relaxed and romantic. The wide space, fresh air, and beautiful scenery will bring a different type of atmosphere to the whole occasion. This will make you cherish your special day even more.

bride and groom in Autumn

Single venue

Having a single venue for your wedding ceremony and reception is another reason we love vineyard weddings. This means you and your guests will not need to worry about travelling to different locations. Fewer logistics, more fun! You can just relax and enjoy the wedding and the reception that follows.

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Although a winery or vineyard has a lot to offer aesthetically, it can also be a blank canvas that you can decorate to your liking. The vast amount of space and neutral colours of nature makes it the perfect backdrop for personalisation. This is your opportunity to let your personalities shine and create a unique experience for your guests.

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Wedding at Cedar Creek Estate


One more reason to have a winery or vineyard wedding is the instant honeymoon location. If you book romantic accommodation at the venue, you can forgo the hassle of travelling right after the wedding. Instead, you can just stay put, enjoy your time together, and explore the beauty of the vast vineyard location.

The best wine and freshest food choices

What is a vineyard wedding without wine? Toast to your future with the best wine the venue has to offer. Plus, wineries are also known for serving great food from fresh, seasonal produce. A vineyard wedding might just be the best option for foodies who want to serve their guests a delectable and satisfying spread at the reception.

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Wine Testing Cedar Creek Estate

Vineyard Wedding at Cedar Creek Estate

There are many great reasons to have a winery wedding. If the Gold Coast Hinterland appeals to you, why not consider having your own winery wedding at Cedar Creek Estate. We enjoy a beautiful and scenic location perched on Mount Tamborine with different venues to hold your wedding ceremony and reception. And we are located just an hour from Brisbane – far enough away from the bustle of the city, without having to travel too far to get away.

With beautiful gardens, expansive hinterland background, and a wide variety of wine choices; Cedar Creek Estate is your perfect venue for a vineyard wedding. View our wedding packages online or contact our coordinators to discuss your dream wedding.